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5 Phones The World Will Never Forget

5 Phones The World Will Never Forget

No long talk, we are giving you a list of the phones that graced the world with applause. These phones will never be forgotten, and our lives have become better since these devices were introduced. Take a look.

Nokia 3310 What makes this phone legendary isn’t the spec or whatever design we see on new devices these days. Nokia 3310 was just unique on its own. It was a very strong device that could hardly be broken or spoilt. It was the perfect phone for Nigerians, and everyone had or craved one. You would hardly find a better phone than the Nokia 3310. Even now, the latest edition has been manufactured with many consumers trooping to buy the device. Will there ever be a stronger phone than Nokia 3310?

Samsung D500 Samsung Electronics announced the release of this phone in 2004. It was among the first generation of phones that the company produced. It is very portable with a screen size of 94x46x23 mm and weighs about 99g. The South Korea based company produced the phone with a 96MB shared memory for photos, videos etc. and 4MB for java. The phone transfer data both through Infrared and Bluetooth. It is arguably one of the first sliding phones. However, it created a new niche for itself. The design was way better than others, and the display was top notch. This was the phone you would see with the affluent around 2005 and 2006.

Nokia Xpress Music Nokia released the phone on February, 2009. The display size was 2.0 inches with resolution of 240 ×320 pixels. The memory is a micro SD with a capacity of up to 16GB despite its small size. Xpress Music was the highest-selling phone of its time. The phone took the market by storm, and was considered the ideal phone for every user.

Tecno TV Phones Who remembers those phones everyone was crazy about back in those days. About 10 years ago, Tecno came to the scene with offerings of phones that could be connected as TV sets. You can literally watch as many channels as possible. They had antennas and filled the market with various sizes and specs. It is interesting how these phones don’t exist anymore. They opened the doors for Tecno to take on the Nigerian market.

Apple iPhone (Ist Generation) On June 29, 2007, Steve Apple co-founder presented the first iPhone to the world. The phone is the first smartphone and opened the smartphone industry to the likes of Google, Samsung and more. “Apple reinvents the phone.” ”This is just the beginning” were the slogan of the iPhone.


The technology landscape has shifted massively from what it used to be. The above named phones brought to life the smart phones and devices we use today. Thanks to these phones, consumers now have lots of choices to pick from. We may have missed some phones; kindly let us know if there is any phone you think deserves a place in the list by commenting below.

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